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A Boomer in the Pew is celebrating his one-year anniversary.  To do so, he’s employing an interesting turn on a tradition.  Instead of all his readers sending him a gift, he’s offering a gift to his readers:

One of you, my loyal “Boomer in the Pew” readers, is going to win this beautiful premium calfskin leather version of the new ESV Study Bible!

Boomer has some great posts, and explains why he started his blog a year ago:

My life has been primarily centered around building and selling a successful business.  Now I find myself in my early 50’s, semi-retired and asking myself lots of questions.

The first thing that I noticed, after selling my business, was that along with it went my “significance”.  I was shocked to find out how much of my self-worth was tied up in my ability to run a successful business.  Frankly, I was really more embarrassed.  I am certain that my Heavenly Father isn’t going to say “well done” for running a successful business.

In the business world I was able to rub shoulders with very successful people from all over the country.  I quickly learned that after the seminar was over,  the real talking started around the dinner table.  I gleaned that many successful business owners have been in such a pursuit of riches that they haven’t taken the time to see the HUGE hole that was in their hearts.  Behind them was left a trail of broken marriages, alcoholism, and great despair.

I also learned that my Christian diet consisted of oatmeal.  It is time for me to start eating “meat” so that I can have an impact in these peoples lives.  This is the desire of my heart.

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