Israeli Supreme Court Declares Messianic Bakery Kosher

Interesting article discussing the belief in Christ of an Israeli, and the difficulties it has led to with her business:

In its verdict, the court ruled that the 51-year-old Yemenite baker’s belief that Jesus was the Messiah did not make her baked goods unkosher.

The owner, Pnina Conforty, who became a believer while working in Ohio for an evangelical Christian family, enjoyed impressive business success after returning to Israel and opening the bakery in 2002. Conforty, however, quickly saw a sharp decline in sales after her faith was publicized in an article in a Messianic Jewish magazine.

She suffered from demonstrations outside her bakery and posters with her picture distributed throughout the city warning that she was a missionary.

“Finally I won. This is my baby,” said Conforty after giving credit to the Ohio family that led her to Christ. “God arranged it that I arrived at a place where there were Christians who love Israel more than most Jews do. Their love and faith were so different from the religion I learned at home that was based on fear. I was never taught to serve God out of love until then.”

From Charisma Mag

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  1. You should check out the story of the Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria prior and during WWII. I don’t remember his name, but the man was a believer in Jesus and was instrumental in preserving the Jews of Bulgaria from destruction, through an agreement with the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria.

    He later immigrated to Israel and was respected by the Jewish community his entire life. He led regular Orthodox services in the Synagogue on Saturdays and then had a church gathering in his home on Sundays where all were welcome to come and learn about the Messiah.

    I thought it was an amazing story.

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