Photos of Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

I visited Crimea, Ukraine in the summer of 2007. Without a doubt, my favorite city was Sevastopol. The Russian Black Sea Fleet is stationed here and you can take tour boats around the harbor – hence the Russian flag everywhere. During the Soviet Union, the Soviet Black Fleet was here. After independence, Russia rents the base and shares the harbor with the Ukrainian fleet.

With its strategic location, Sevastopol has been sieged by the British, French, Turks and Germans over the past several centuries. Crimea is once again in the news with reports of increased Russian troop levels supporting protests against the newly installed government in Kiev.

To see why I loved the city so much – and Crimea in general – check out the photos!

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  1. I was in Sevestopol and Balaklava in 2008. I was wonderful, there are some really beautiful places there. I was with a group of our students and we hiked from Balaklava to Yalta. It’s so sad to think that those places may never be a part of Ukraine again.

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