Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer

Campus Crusade for Christ has put up an interesting and comprehensive guide to fasting.

If you’re thinking of starting, or just want to see what other’s have to say about it, I encourage you to check it out:

YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE TO FASTING AND PRAYER :: Campus Crusade for Christ International.

Fasting is one of the most neglected spiritual admonitions. In fact, it has been ignored for so long that it is difficult to find information on the “how-to’s” of this life-changing experience. When I first undertook an extended fast, I had a difficult time finding information on the nature of a Biblical fast, how to start, what to expect physically and spiritually, and how to terminate a fast.

These pages are designed to answer your practical questions about fasting and ease any concerns you might have. In this series, you will learn:

* Why you should fast
* How to fast safely
* How long and what type of fast is right for you
* How to prepare yourself spiritually and physically
* How to manage your schedule while fasting
* How to deal with the responses of friends and loved ones
* How to make your spiritual experience the best it can be
* How to maintain nutritional balance and health from beginning to end (including specific juice and broth recipes)
* What physical benefits to expect
* How to finish your fast and return to your normal schedule in a HEALTHY way

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