Velingrad and The Village

Saturday morning, our Sabbath day. We slept a little longer and I think everyone woke refreshed and renewed. Nansi’s mom, Daniela (Dani) and her husband, Petco brought the kids, Calvin & Oliver to join us at the hotel.

We were all able to have breakfast together. They had a nice buffet spread.

Afterwards, we got to relax. Nick and I had a ping-pong contest and we got to swim and use the various jacuzzies and Turkish baths. We checked out at 12 Noon and made the journey back to Owen & Nansi’s Home. During all the trips we rode in two cars. The guys in one car and the gals in the other. In the guys’ car, we had some great discussions about scripture, world religions, geopolitics and Owen would pose some terrific ice-breaker questions that would stir some great debates and deep discussions. The women did not share their discussion points. We think they talked mostly about us! 😂 😂 😂 😂

We took a hike in the woods near Owen & Nansi’s home and marveled at God’s creation and then had a nice dinner in their yard. The weather was beautiful as well as the sunset. We had some great conversation and laughter and talked about what we could do to support the mission here. We then returned to our quarters. Our Sabbath day was over. Nick, Kim, Esperanza and I talked late into the night about questions for Owen & Nansi and strategies and next steps going forward. We were so excited we had to force ourselves to go to sleep. Just before retiring, Nathaniel noticed that his quarters in the basement (he called it the dungeon) had flooded. He moved upstairs. (Out of the flooded dungeon).

This is a guest post written by a member of a short-term team. Click here to read Day 6.

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