There was a certain melancholy feeling as we prepared to depart. We are ready to come home. Our work for this trip is complete. There is a lot on our hearts to contemplate. It feels like we’ve been here for a month. There is a clear sense that there is much to do and our work here is just beginning. We spoke to Alan Sunday night (afternoon in the US) and he was very encouraging to us and praised us for the work done. We are trusting God to use the vision He has given us to inspire others so that we may accumulate the resources and people to support Owen and Nansi and bring the Good News to Bulgaria.

Owen and Nansi arrived to take us to the town of Bankya. Our last trip together before heading home. It was a nice, quaint town. We had crepes and cappuccino. The crepes were unbelievable! Calvin and Oliver had a blast playing at the little playground. All the time, Owen was educating us more and more and we talked about more ideas and possibilities for ministry in Bulgaria.

As we were ready to leave, one of the cars wouldn’t start. We tried jumper cables but to no avail. Finally, Sugar Daddy Nick (he had the cash) jumped in and fired her up! We’re thinking he’s tight with the Lord, being a Pastor and all. 😇

After stopping to buy some Shopska we went back to our house to have lunch before leaving for the airport. Our team Chef, Nathaniel made some awesome Bulgarian scramble! Kim helped. But that dude can cook! It was the 2nd time on the trip that he cooked for us. We got to play with Calvin and Oliver and get hugs and kisses before we left. They are such sweet boys.

Finally, it was time to go to the airport.

This is a guest post written by a member of a short-term team. Click here to read Day 1.

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