Ministry to Muslims in Kardzhali

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We had the chance to visit an art workshop put on by a team in a public school located in a Pomak region of Bulgaria. Pomak are ethnic Bulgarians who converted to Islam while Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. For one of the tasks, the children were told the story of Noah’s Ark and then asked to choose an animal to save by painting it.

Additionally, we were able to visit a church leading the way in evangelizing this Predominantly Turkish and Muslim area of Kardzhali. One the maps, villages are colored according to population – Turkish, Pomak and Gypsy.

The clothes were normal dress for this region in the mid-20th century, and the bridge is from the Roman Empire. The posters are “necrologues,” memorials hung on the anniversary of one’s death.

You will also see: two public schools, one abandoned and one functioning; a playground; public toilets sunken in the ground; standard apartment buildings; evangelistic tracts; and a New Testament in Turkish; and a restaurant with its own fish farm attached.

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