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Nansi and Owen PaunOwen and Nansi Paun

Early on, Owen and Nansi felt the call to overseas missions. Initially serving in Pskov, Russia, they partnered with a local church in youth ministry, church planting, and outreach through orphanages and addiction rehab centers.

In 2015, Owen and Nansi relocated to Sofia, Bulgaria after Russian visa laws made it impossible to live in Pskov full-time. In addition to maintaining connections with Pskov, they are evaluating the mission field in Bulgaria.

Owen grew up in Los Angeles, and after graduating from college moved to Russia for several years, earning a Master’s of International Relations in Post-Soviet Studies. Nansi grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria, and moved to the Washington, D.C. area in high school. Owen and Nansi met at McLean Bible Church.

Listen below to some mission updates and sermons:

Evangelism in a Slavic, Orthodox Context:

Every Christian’s Ministry:

Invited by the King:

Would you turn down a free invitation to a royal wedding?

What do You Desire to Sacrifice?

Mary’s actions reveal her heart, she desired to serve and sacrifice for Christ.

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