Psalm 119: Why Aren’t Things Going My Way??

Sometimes it seems that even though we’re doing everything right, we’re living as we should, things just aren’t working out the way we think they ought to.  Psalm 119 has David crying out just that sentiment:

153 Look upon my suffering and deliver me,
for I have not forgotten your law.

154 Defend my cause and redeem me;
preserve my life according to your promise.

David’s prayer reminds us that if we love God, then we will love his commandments, and that God will not leave us.  Often, we think we know what’s best for us, what we need at any given time.  I’m in a situation like that right now.  I want something that is right in front of my eyes.  I want it more than I ever have anything else in my life.  It seems like God has forsaken us.  How can he not understand that this job, this person, this possession is exactly what I need??  If he loves me, why does he not give me what I need?

More often than not, we don’t actually need it.  Quite regularly in my life, I thought I knew the answer, I knew what was supposed to happen.  I’d looked at the possible choices, done a thorough examination, and picked the right one.  “This one, God.  This is what I need.  Now please give it to me.”  Every time that I was denied what I wanted, however, the alternative ended up being infinitely better.  Every time.

Live with God, walk with God.  Follow his commandments, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.” (Psalm 119:11, 14)  Know that when we do this, we come closer to God, and he has promised that he will defend and redeem us.

Take a few minutes to think about and write down any times when you thought you knew the right answer, but God said no, and ended up giving you something much better.  Write it down and thank God for those times.  Not only is he worthy of the praise, but it will help you remember that just becuase things aren’t working out as we want them now, it’s because God wants to give us something even better than that which we would pick for ourselves.

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