the small stuff.

A friend of mine recent wrote this note and put it up on her facebook page.  I asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing here.  From an outside perspective, it might seem like a trivial matter, but it’s millions of little ways like this that God interacts in our lives.  I especially like one of her concluding thoughts.  If God cares so much about us that he takes care of little details, how much more, then, does he care about the big things.

the small stuff.

i totally should be asleep right now. but i just had an amazing experience (well, you may not classify it as “amazing” but then again you aren’t writing this note, now are you) and i felt the need to share it with whomever may happen to stumble upon this little section on facebook. so here we go.

first let me preface why i classify my “experience” as amazing. so i have been spending alot of time in the gospels lately-doing a little studying on the life of Jesus. (I am also reading “Just like Jesus” by Max Lucado- i highly recommend it and any other book by him) but anyway, I was reading the other day about a man who came to Jesus (well, there are several of these stories in the bible) and asked Him to heal his servant without Jesus actually having to come to his house and personally see or touch the man- and Jesus was glad to heal the servant because of that master’s faith- HIS TRUE BELIEF THAT JESUS COULD AND WOULD DO IT. Also, there is another passage that really supplements stories like this (and the one i am about to explain)- It is in Mark, and Jesus is talking to the disciples about having faith about the things they can do with the power of God…like telling a mountain to move for example. He tells them that if they truly believe that they can do it (or have received whatever they have asked for in prayer) then it will be done for them. Ok, so that is powerful. As I was driving home tonight- super late and in the COLD and RAIN, i remembered that I didn’t have my access card to get into my apartment building. (I lost it-again. responsibility is definitely not my best quality) I also had 3 big laundry bags full of clothes that I needed to get into my apartment asap- and there are never ANY spots after like 9pm in my parking lot…which means i was going to have to park across the street and walk the whole way back (with the previously mentioned conditions still in effect). So remembering what I have been reading in the Word, I just started asking God if he would not only provide a parking spot for me in the good lot, but that someone would be around to let me in to the building. (At like 1 am on a Sunday night- my chances didn’t look good…at all). But I chose to believe in what God COULD do for me and not what seemed likely. Well what do you know, I pulled up and BAM- parking spot right outside my door. Might as well have had my name on it. Once I got all of my bags out of my car, I walked up to the door and just stood there- having complete faith that someone was going to come out. And sure enough, not 1 minute later, two girls walked out of the door on their way to wherever people go at 1 am on a Sunday night. I just grinned and walked right on in.

All that to say…if God cares that much about me getting a good parking spot and literally opening doors for me to get inside my apartment, how much more does he care about things like internship opportunities for the summer, who I am going to marry, where I am going to live after law school, how I am going to pay off my loans, etc. etc. The main thing I feel like God is trying to teach me right now is what authentic faith should look like in my life- and any other Christian’s life for that matter. It’s not only knowing that God wants the best for us (which He does- and that is very important to know), but also believing that those good things ARE FOR SURE GOING TO HAPPEN FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IT! I guess my point in making this an open note and not just one for the journal is to encourage anyone who may be struggling with what God can/wants to do in your life. God loves each of us the same (thank goodness, because I can think of ALOT of people who “deserve” His love more than I do) and if he loves all of us the same, he wants to give YOU that good parking spot (or whatever you are praying and believing Him for) just as much as he wanted to provide it for me. That’s my favorite thing about God- he isn’t limited in His resources of what He can do for us-heck, he created all of this. Of course it’s His to give away!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT, and it will be yours.” -Mark 11:24

I hope you smell what I’m steppin’ in here. It just made my night and I couldn’t help but share. I hope this encourages someone out there who may be pondering what God is all about like it did for me.

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